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The world’s first commercially available ketogenic liquid formula-Namyang KETONIA

Formula for special medical purposes intended for Infants and young children who need High-fat ketogenic dietary food Namyang KETONIA

1. Masterpiece made by the world best researchers in the field of the ketogenic diet
Namyang KETONIA was developed and produced through intensive verification by the collaborative research team of Professor Dong Wook Kim at Inje University and Professor Heung Dong Kim at Yonsei University, who are well-recognized researchers in the field of the ketogenic diet and the special research team of Namyang Dairy Products Co., Ltd.

2. Ketogenic Liquid Formula, The First and The Only in the world
No need to mix with other food contents or water. It is a ready-to-drink and liquid product that makes it
easy to use.

3. olive oil for tastes and health
It tastes good and is easily digested because it contains olive oil superior to other vegetable oils.

  • Sale price : 2.9$ / unit
  • Shipping Cost : Freight to collect
  • Inquiry : Tel. 82-2-546-9800
    Mobile. 82-11-704-2753
  • Manager : Ji Eun, Song / Catonkori(Company)
  • If you want, we can send a sample.(Delivery cost : freight to collect)