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HR Management Principles

Namyang manages human resources to maximize the achievement of the organization and satsify employees by achievment-based human resource management and giving the opportunity to each individual to systematically develop each one’s ability.

육성형 인사제도
	보상체계 - 연봉제 실시 (과장급 이상), 인센티브 제도
	승진체계 - 능력위주 승진, 우수인재 발탁승진
	평가체계 - MBO식 평가제도, 다면평가 제도
	경력개발체계 - 순환보직제도, 사내/외 교육과정(직급별 교육 / 직능별 교육 특별이수과정), 어학교육, 교육이수학점제
	사람/성과 중심의 인사제도 시행
	직원 만족 / 조직 성과 향상

HR Pool System

Namyang determines employment through a process that uses an HR Pool (D/B) to enable competent individuals to apply for jobs with Namyang at any time. Anyone is welcome to submit an application form at any time. Please fill out the application form on the Online Recruitment site on this website to join Namyang.

Go to Online Recruitment> 지원자가 인재POOL 등록시 남양유업에서 수시검색 후 대상 선별, 개별통보

New Employee Mentor System

One senior employee is assigned to each new recruit as a way of supporting new recruits to build a good relationship with other employees in various departments and the Company through close guidance.

근로 조건
Initial Salary by Position College graduates: 37.8 Million KRW per annum (except incentives) Higher than a manager: annual salary system applied.
Benefits Allowance for licenses, positions, long service, business improvement, family, single employee and holiday work, unused annual leave and overtime work. Business activity expenses.
Bonus 750% (G) except Performance-related pay.
Years of service
for promotion
Employees (3 years) > Team Leaders (3 years) > Manager (4 years) > Senior Manager (4 years) > Deputy Manager > General Manager
Time for Promotion Twice a year
Working Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00 during weekdays
Holidays/Vacation 5 working days per week. Annual leave. Personal leave. Summer holidays. Congratulation and condolescence leave, Birthday leave and others.
Welfarae Support for educational expenses for children, housing and in-house club activities. Summer resort for employees. Reward system. Birthday present. A variety of social insurance benefits. Congratulation and condolescence program. Lunch expenses.
Training Training programs by position and duty. IT training, e-learning, OJT, online language school, MBA study support.
Overseas Training Visit to exemplary companies and On-the-Job Training.