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Focus on the basics, strict finishing, and formation of reliability

Those are the management philosophies making Namyang the leader in Korea’s dairy industry for 50 years.

Sales of 1 trillion 300 billion KRW and 3,000 executives and employees.
The secrets that help Namyang keep its leading position in sales and aspect among listed dairy processing companies are a focus on the basics, strict finishing and the formation of reliability. A focus on the basics has built a world’s-best product competitiveness through adherence to quality. Strict finishing became the basis for continuing growth as the most basic attitude of Namyang employees.

The formation of reliability was expressed as the energy concentrating all the capabilities of Namyang and enabled Namyang to be the enterprise creating the most advanced labor and management culture, the most professional enterprise producing a number of competitive leaders and masters, and the effective enterprise ranked top in sales in spite of its small organizational size.

신뢰형성 / 철저한 끝마무리 / 기본충실

Quality Safety Management of Namyang

Products of Namyang! What processes are implemented for manufacturing those products?

Animation of manufacturing processes > 제품 생산 과정

Stricter quality management system based on domestic and international rules and regulations!


For manufacturing the world’s best products with the top priority on quality

Broad-ranging foreign matter prevention system using a multiple blocking approach
25-step foreign matter blocking system from the input process of raw materials to the packaging process of finished goods

  • • 9 filters of 0.0005m to 2.0mm
  • • 13 filters of over 6,000 gauss against foreign metal material
  • • 3 filters for supply pipe lines and spoons.

여과필터(0.0005mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm)를 9번이나 통과시켜서 이물질로부터 안심할 수 있습니다!

  • [1.2mm] 여과필터 촬영
  • [0.35mm] 여과필터 40배 확대 촬영
  • [0.25mm] 마이크로필터 촬영
  • [충전실] 외부와 격리
  • [충전기] 충전실 내에서 별도 이중 차단
  • [공관공급라인] 밀폐 컨베이어를 통한 이송

"남양유업 유아식은 원료부터 완제품까지 - 방사능 5중 관리 시스템으로 제품 하나하나를 철저하게 관리 합니다"

Radioactivity Check for all baby formulas - Radioactivity Check for all baby formulas

  1. Step 1 Radioactivity hazard control of raw materials: check producers
  2. Step 2 Thorough import inspection: thorough import inspection by the Ministry of Food and Drugs at the time of customs clearance in Korea.
  3. Step 3 Radioactivity check on raw materials of Namyang: Safety check by the Food Safety Center, Central Research Institute of Namyang.
  4. Step 4 Radioactivity check on finished goods of Namyang: Safety check by the Food Safety Center, Central Research Institute of Namyang.
  5. Step 5 Double inspection by certified analysis agency: Double safety check through inspection by a certified analysis agency.

Radioactivity Check Lists - Radioactivity Check for all baby formulas

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Radioactivity Check Lists
Products Results Products Results
Agisarang Su 8 Step 1~4 Not detected Masterpiece Agirang Kongirang Not detected
Imperial Dream XD Step 1~4 Not detected Hope Allergy Not detected
I am Mother Step 1~4 Not detected Hope Doctor Not detected
Mother’s Organic Step 1~4 Not detected Double Baby Not detected
Sanyang Infant Formula Step 1~4 Not detected Ion Care Not detected
Organic Mom’s Masterpiece Not detected Organic Baby Juice Not detected
Mom’s Cooking Not detected Baby Cheese Not detected
Namyang Step Organic Masterpiece Not detected Kiplus Not detected
One More Hand Span Agirang Kongirang Not detected

아기의 안전을 최우선으로 - 남양은 모든 제품의 원료에 엄격한 안전성 검사흫 실시, 엄선된 깨끗한 원료만 만듭니다.