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General Affairs

Support for sales and manufacturing department. The applicants are assigned to the departments related to Planning, Accounting/Finance, Public Relations, Logistics/Materials, and HR. The Planning and Public Relation Department are housed only in the head office. Other departments are located in the head office and plants.


Optimize management acivities by contributing to the management to make right decisions through estimating and analyzing the change of the management environment and analyzing the activities of competitors and in the industry to enhance competitiveness.

half-year and annual financial settlement,
fund management planning and accounting policy
establishment, taxation management,
accounting and auditing activities and others.

Contribute to customer satisfaction and aim to streamline businesses by establishing and executing profit and cost management and effective fund management plans for business activities as well as quickly and accurately supply business information through accurate accounting.

half-year and annual financial settlement,
fund management planning and accounting policy
establishment, taxation management,
accounting and auditing activities and others.

Improve the corporate image through effective promotion activities by discovering creative promotional materials with a progressive attitude and contribute to increasing sales by strengthening the services that satisfy customer needs through provision of new customer service including e-biz and so building a sense of reliability for customers.

friendly relationship building with the media,
promotion planning/implementation,
homepage implementation and online marketing.

Optimize transportation equipment, develop and implement an effective distribution system, and effectively link manufacturing activity with sales activity. Maximize support for enhancing sales competitiveness to deliver the goods to customers in a timely manner, supply high quality materials and facilities required for manufacturing at a reasonable price in Korea and abroad in a timely manner and ultimately contribute to increasing profit and productivity.

vehicle and warehouse management,
distribution system improvement,
customs clearance for export/import,
materials and inventory management

Select competitive individuals and develop and use them through fair evaluation and reasonable compensation. Build a friendly labor and management relationship and activate the organization by reasonsble implementation of an advanced welfare system and the internal customer satisfaction system. Ultimately, contribute to enabling each individual to generate high achievement with strong passion.

labor affairs, recruitment, training, HR development,
salary management, evaluation and compensation management,
welfare, HR system planning and improvement.

Sales Management

As a frontier business realizing corporate profits as well as manufacturing, achieve sales goals by selling goods in accordance with sales strategy of Namyang, explore new markets, strengthen the relationship with customers, increase the share of goods in a shop, monitor customer reaction to goods, provide feedback to relevant departments and create profit by exploring and expanding the markets.

Sales Management of Head Office
Sales Planning
Sales planning department establishing and implementing marketing and sales policies. Contribute to increasing sales including support for branches for competitive sales activities as well as sales planning.
Sales Management
for Special Clients
Exclusive management as the reprsentative of Namyang for clients that branches or sales agencies can’t manage including big distributors such as big discount stores or department stores, schools or military bases.
Sales Management for Branches

The sales management of Namyang is different from general sales in which a salesperson sells goods to customers and retailers. The sales management of Namyang contributes to increasing sales through general administrative activities for sales agencies dealing with Namyang products including sales management, sales activity management and collection management. The sales management of Namyang also includes the collection of information on important clients and markets and management of salespeople in the relevant region.

Manufacturing Management

Management works throughout 4 plants in Cheonan, Gongju and Gyeongju. The duties are divided into manufacturing process management and quality management as the foremost business determining the corporate profits along with sales.

Manufacturing Process Management

Maintain the optimum status of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, keep improving the manufacturing process and enable the manufacture of high quality products by effective operation and management onsite. Improve productivity by keeping workplace a pleasant environment and securing industrial safety through workplace environment management as well as enable the manufacture of goods to be supplied to the customers in a timely manner by planning with scientific and reasonable thinking to achieve manufacturing goals.

Quality Management

All manufacturing workers strictly comply with ISO system for the zero defect quality of goods and HACCP to produce safe products as a food manufacturer prioritizing consumer health in order to minimize consumer complaints and contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of goods and the ceaseless growth of Namyang by manufacturing the best quality products.


Contribute to the ceaseless development of Namyang by effectively managing the analysis required from raw materials to finished goods and securing the efficiency of products for consistent quality and safety guarantee.
Execute research on relevant information including next generation new technology and consumer needs and develop competitive and highly value added goods complying with the business direction of Namyang by systematically using the research results. Keep improving the quality and processes and contribute to creaing new demands, reducing cost and improving quality through accurate and rapid technology support for customer satisfaction.

Execute maintenance work for manufacturing facilities to improve the productivity and purchase and expand new facilities. Execute maintenance work for utility facliities for a stable and effective utility supply. Facilitate manufacturing activities by preventing safety accidents through safety control activities and efforts to be an eco-friendly company through the legitimate management of environment-related facilities and the prevention of environmental pollution. Contribute to improving productivity and preserving environmental safety.

Environment management in plants
(including air, water quality, wastes),
of manufacturing facilities.

Contribute to effective decision making regarding management and businesses by efficiently managing IT systems to enable users to flexibly execute activities by operating the optimum system of the internal IT infrastructure.

IT system support by field,
IT system development/improvement,
internal computer network management