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Potential Leaders of Namyang

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Explore and develop creative leaders! It’s the key element for the world-best products of Namyang.

Namyang desires powerful leaders with strong responsibility and creative thinking implementing humanitarianism and respecting human beings as an enterprise that takes responsibility in national health.

Leaders with a thorough sense of responsibility who can complete what they plan with a committed professionalism for duties, enthusiastic leaders maximizing teamwork by the power to integrate a team and to compromise with compelling initiative, leaders with creative thinking for creating new values and ideas with an attitude of improvement by ceaselessly rejecting existing approaches and exploring new areas.

Namyang never spares its investment in human resource development because it cherishes human resources.

When you are qualified with the basic requirements to adapt to Namyang culture, Namyang will develop you into a leader who is ready for the future by decisive investment.

Thorough sense of Responsibility
  • Those who have the through professionalism to complete duties without complaint.
  • Those who complete what they plan.
  • Those who have the consciousness of ownership and loyalty to the company with a sincere attitude.
Impregnable Leadership
  • Those who can lead a team with strong initiative.
  • Those who maximize teamwork with the ability to integrate a team and to find compromise.
  • Those who have a challenging spirit and vigor.
  • Those who create new values and ideas with an attitude of rejecting existing approaches and
    ceaselessly exploring and improving new approaches.
  • Those who have the enthusiasm to investigate by action not by knowledge, in the field not at a desk,
    without abstract concepts.